Risk Assessment

Property Name

Kerridge End Holiday Cottages


Date of Next Review:


Date of Assessment




Review after next Govt guidelines, subject to any

Assessment Carried out by

Ivor Williams



What are the Hazards?

Who Might Be Harmed and How?

What are you already doing to control the Risk?

What further action do you need to take to control the risk?

Risk Factor / Urgency




Person to person contact during COVID 19 pandemic (Host and guest)

Becoming infected with COVID19 and further spread the infection

We will have no physical meet & greet.

Guests will be issued with detailed instructions.  Including key pad code.  Cottage lights left on so they let themselves in.  Guest info about Covid measures emailed in advance, and left in cottage re arrival and departure.

Welcome pack all packaged.

The guest info outlines that if they are unwell they should return home to self-isolate.

Cottage has a hand sanitiser dispenser at entrance, anti- bacterial hand wash and sanitising gel in kitchen.  Anti-viral wipes, hand sanitiser and surface wipes, available in the cottage.

Guests asked not to arrive early, and to depart promptly, so sufficient time to clean, and no chance of cleaner meeting guests.

Minimise contact between the two parties.

Provide a pre-arrival/ departure pack for guests explaining procedures.

Use self-check in with Host to phone the guests after guest arrival to ensure customer satisfaction and to answer all queries

Ensure guests are not present during interim cleans

Any issues needing a maintenance visit to be arranged when guests are out of the property where possible (unless an emergency)

Will provide a FAQ document on all aspects of the property for example:

When bin day is

How the boiler works

How to switch the heating on

How the cooker works

This will minimise any visit to the property

Have an illness during stay reporting and useful contact numbers in the property 

Have a post stay health questionnaire







Cleaner / housekeeper not fit for work and infected with COVID 19

Could spread COVID 19 through cleaning within the property

Cleaner to not work if develops symptoms, and should follow guidance on self-isolation before returning to work.  PPE provided.

Create an ongoing checking system and document for staff health / wellbeing


Cleaning regimes not effective / fit for purpose

Contaminated accommodation / spread of COVID 19

Cleaning protocols for self-catering accommodation provided by PASC are being followed.  Double clean (clean then disinfect), followed by fogging as a final step.  Training being given to cleaning staff.  PPE (gloves, aprons) provided, and masks available if the cleaner prefers to wear one (masks not obligatory according to DCMS).  Removal of some items (ornaments, decorative bed cushions etc).  Rotation of soft furnishings (cushions) between changeovers to minimise risk.  Items such as games removed, but available on request.

Guests being asked to strip beds and remove rubbish from cottage.  Kitchen items being re-washed between guests.  Sanitisation and disinfection of kitchen equipment (toasters, kettles, cooker hoods etc).  Cleaning checklist provided by PASC is being issued to the cleaner to ensure no steps are missed.  Final fogging will be carried out by me, to reduce any risk to cleaning staff.

Create a cleaning plan that all

cleaning staff must adhere to and sign for each clean

Create a cleaning checklist that all cleaning staff must fill in and leave in property for transparency

Create a maintenance checklist that all cleaning staff have to sign for on each clean, any issues to be flagged and dealt with before the guests arrival

in-depth ongoing staff training to ensure knowledge, clear understanding, and skills of every task undertaken

Cleaning standards checked periodically by supervisors or external 3rd parties (e.g. accreditation)

All cleaning team members are given the correct PPE and training on how to use correctly and instructions on handwashing, PPE disposal and their well being








Incorrect / ineffective cleaning materials used / Cleaning regimes not recorded

Not cleaning or sanitising the property correctly

First clean after 3 months of closure, Legionella an obvious risk.  All shower heads to be disinfected (soak for min 15 minutes in Milton) and all water outlets to be run through for at least 5 minutes before initial clean before opening.  For changeovers, a primary deep clean being done with usual cleaning materials.  Cleaning is followed by Disinfection with Log-7 virucide, and 3rd stage is ULV fogging, which will use Peracetic Acid – a 7-log kill virucide approved by WHO for Coronavirus.  We are using the PASC ticklist for cleaning, and will pay particular attention in the disinfection stage to high-touch areas (light switches, bannisters, handles, remote controls etc) to ensure nothing is missed.  Remote controls are bagged in disposable covers. Guests will be provided with the usual eco-friendly cleaning materials, plus virucidal wipes for hard surfaces, and Zoflora and kitchen roll..

Put a cleaning requirement document together, clearly stating what should be sanitised within the property for example

Touch points, door handles, banisters, surfaces, bathrooms

What should be disinfected, floors, walls

Ensure all cleaning materials are clean and fit for purpose

Ensure all cleaning equipment is PAT tested and fit for purpose and the being used in the correct way

Put a health & safety file together with all cleaning products used and for what purpose, COSHH sheets if required, all previous cleaning / maintenance schedules for the accommodation and all risk assessments

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